As I grow as DJ and meet new people I'm starting to see that everyones idea of what a DJ is isn't the same. I believe that all DJ's should have the ability to showcase. It's important to put back into the culture we all benefit from when we call ourselves DJ's. Its about doing what you do best and showcasing your skills for the world. I think a lot of DJ's are apprehensive about battling because of the stigma attached with losing. Its not 1995 anymore lol it doesn't matter if you win or lose. Its about being authentic. If you call yourself a DJ you should have no problem showcasing after all you do it overnight you have a gig. Just condense your 5 hr set into 5 minutes. Just my opinion though.  


On another note my guy WSWDS dropped a nice little quick mix while we kicking it at his crib yesterday. I was like bro you need to quit playing and post that shit. Your welcome world. Enjoy The Pre Heat!