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New Mix!!! 15 minutes of flame | Drake - Travis Scott - 2 Chainz - Kodak Black - Yo Gotti - Fetty Wap

DJ NuERA Doing DJ Stuff (Beat Freak)

DJ NuERA Doing DJ Stuff (Beat Freak)

Beat Freak is a event held at Brittanys Record Shop. Producers are invited to play there beats. Mc's, singers, poets and more can hop on the mic if the producer makes it open during there beat set. I had the opportunity to participate. It was a great time with good vibes all around. Learn more about Beat Freak on IG @BeatFreakCLE

It was dope to hear different artist improvise over my production. Its crazy how moments like these come together. I'm glad I had the go-pro running lol. I'm look forward to connecting with these artist and collaborating more in the future.


Lets Dance

I have a lot fun with these quick mixes. Maybe I should longer ones. I do them for Instagram but maybe I'll do extended version for youtube.

Cuts And Rhymes

I invited the homie Grand Lyrical Audio to spit some rhymes while I cut some records.

Music is a tool

Music is a tool

Music is a tool and with the right tools any skilled technician can get the job done. I can rock any venue given the opportunity even if I don't fit the image. Just because I'm black doesn't mean I can't rock a majority white club. Just because I can rock those clubs doesn't mean I can't rock the new hiphop and rap spots. Don't try and put me in a box I'm a professional, versatile DJ no matter what my skin color makes you think. 

Trip to the finals

Trip to the finals

2-14-18 DJ NuERA won the 1st round of Spinfest 2018 gaining entry to the finals and chance to win a trip to San Diego.

Hot Dog Set *Live Recording

Hot Dog Set *Live Recording

Peep the playlist download at the bottom



00:00: Lauryn Hill - Lost One

01:14: The Fugees - Killing Me Softly

02:32: Mos Def - May-December

05:16: Common -corners_(w_kanye_west_&_last_poets)

07:19: Donald Byrd - Stepping Into Tomorrow 

11:56: Johnny Pate-Shaft In Africa-[www_flvto_com]-2

12:43: Soho - Hot Music

14:13: Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul

16:10: Fela Kuti - Soul Makosa

17:05: Afrika Bambaataa - Looking For The Perfect Beat

17:21: Herman Kelly - Dance to the Drummer's Beat

18:30: Herman Kelly - Dance to the Drummer's Beat

18:34: The Electric Indian - Raindance

20:59: Jay-z - Can I Live

21:27: Jay-z - Feelin It

22:25: The Pharcyde - Otha Fish

23:52: Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)

25:12: smooth jazz - roy ayers - everybody

27:29: DJ Premier - Bob James / Nautilus

30:04: Sly & The Family Stone - Trip To Your Heart

33:23: Donald Byrd - Wind Parade

36:26: Mandrill - Children of the Sun

39:16: The Charmels - As Long as I've Got You

40:10: Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. (Intro - Dirty)

41:43: J Dilla - Ahmad Impresses Me

43:37: J Dilla - Bye.

45:01: Common - Black Maybe (Feat. Bilal)

46:25: De La Soul - Stakes Is High

47:57: flying lotus - massage situation

49:37: DJ Premier - Paula Perry-Extra Extra

52:32: O R I G I M O Z - Love (For Dilla)

54:09: SoulEtiquette. - Planet Giza - Intro

57:29: The Midnight Collective - TMS001: [ocean jams]

Enter email address to download the hotdog set

SmokeScreen Flips and Events

SmokeScreen Flips and Events

Couple a snaps from my recent events + a dope flip I did for Smokescreen. Catch there show on Saturday or catch the album when they drop it.

Today I was the the DJ for the opening act @ Edgewater Live. It was a good time despite the grey skies. Shout out to @wolfridernaj and the #LolCle crew. #DJNuERA #DoingDJStuff
I had a blast djing at Take 5 Jazz Lounge. The band (@OfficialJpennelope) was amazing, the food (Shrimp and grits) was amazing.
I'm thankful for every opportunity I've been given as a professional DJ. Sometimes I have the chance to be apart of some very special events. Last night I played music for @sneakersmcgee (Brendan Whitt) during the staged reading of his new book "A summer in Harlem" it was a great experience.

Why Hiphop is the greatest genre

Why Hiphop is the greatest genre

I only have one reason why I believe Hiphop is the greatest genre of music.

To my knowledge Hiphop is the only genre of music that consistently introduces its listeners to other genres of music and artist. 

I'm a DJ so trust me I can post examples for days but I don't really feel like doing that lol. Instead I encourage you to take a look a your favorite songs new or old and see what they sampled via

As a matter of fact I will drop one gem on y'all from that new Jay Z Album 4:44

Selector Battle Recap [ Major Glory ]

Selector Battle Recap [ Major Glory ]

Congratulations DJ Reg P enjoy that $150 💰💰 cash money prize! Enjoy that title of Supreme Selector while your djing Lyrical Rhythms at the end of the month! #SelectorDJBattle Witness the shift in culture as DJ's step into the public arena and showcase there skill.