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New Mix!!! 15 minutes of flame | Drake - Travis Scott - 2 Chainz - Kodak Black - Yo Gotti - Fetty Wap

Why Hiphop is the greatest genre

Why Hiphop is the greatest genre

I only have one reason why I believe Hiphop is the greatest genre of music.

To my knowledge Hiphop is the only genre of music that consistently introduces its listeners to other genres of music and artist. 

I'm a DJ so trust me I can post examples for days but I don't really feel like doing that lol. Instead I encourage you to take a look a your favorite songs new or old and see what they sampled via

As a matter of fact I will drop one gem on y'all from that new Jay Z Album 4:44

People Out Partying Mix

People Out Partying Mix

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Top 10

I've decided to list the Top 10 most played tracks in my phone right now. I think its fun to take a look at my personal listening habits once in a while. Now I'm not saying these are the best tracks out, these are just the ones that i've been playing the most while driving or hooping. 

  1. Future - Married to the game
  2. Schoolboy Q (Ft. Jadakiss) - Groovy Tony / Eddie Kane
  3. Isaiah Rashad Ft.( Zacari & Kendrick Lamar) - Wat's Wrong
  4. Danny Brown (Ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Earl Sweatshirt) - Really Doe
  5. School Boy Q - Lord have mercy
  6. Schoolboy Q (Ft. Vince Staples) - Ride Out
  7. Curren$y - Black Rally Stripes
  8. SchoolBoy Q - Black Thoughts
  9. Jay Z - Dear Summer (Inst.)
  10. Sir - All In My Head

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