I always wonder what motivates different people or why people have a lack of motivation. It never makes sense to me when I see people that are ok with losing. Maybe its my perspective but I'm not ok with it and I don't want those kinds of people around me. I don't need that energy around me. If your complacent take that somewhere else. I don't want that weak s**t rubbing off on me. 


It's rare to meet people that can truly find joy in another person experiencing success. Keep them fakes away from you. They just sap your energy, You can feel it when they are around. They always get real quiet when its time to talk about things of substance. Strategies to improve and grow. They try and poke holes in every idea you have without offering anything constructive to the conversation. 


I want to encourage anyone reading this to push themselves. It can be mentally, physically or anyway you can imagine but don't assume your already at your best strive to improve from wherever you are. Keep moving forward!