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Selector Battle [Recap]

Selector Battle [Recap]

May 3rd 2016 I watched my dreams come to fruition. I organized and hosted the #SelectorDJBattle it was a lot of fun! DJs stepped into the public arena and showcased there skills. Big ups to everyone involved with helping me make this battle a reality. More battles tba in the future. #DJNuERA #DoingDJStuff #Cleveland #MayThe4th #StarWars


 The Judges

DJ Ceven - Follow on IG @Ceven216 When I asked what he was looking for in the competitors routine he said originality, crowd interaction/stage presence and technical ability. I've known Cev for awhile and he's a legit DJ who's been doing it for a long time. Check the vids on his IG the skills speak for themselves so I won't run down the resume.

DJ Chicago - Follow on IG @DJChicago1 more info coming soon!

MFKN RMX - Follow on IG @bangmessiah 

Follow the competitors on Instagram

  • DJ Eso - @DeadPhoneEso
  • DJ TroubleChild -  @DJTroubleChild
  • DJ EzD - @EZisEverything
  • DJ Reg P - @DJRegP
  • Jams Davis - @Jams.Davis
  • San Wav - @San.Wav
  • DJ CooleyHigh - @DJ_CooleyHigh

Battle at the B-Side May 3rd. Prizes tba...


  1. DJ's have a 3-5 minutes to do whatever they want to showcase there skills.

  2. 2 turntables and a rane 62 will be available but if you want to use your own mixer or setup you have to bring it with you.

  3. Be prepared for 2 rounds. That means have TWO 3-5 minute routines prepared.


Welcome to day one of the new site and my blog. I'll be talking about stuff I think is cool. All positivity no negative vibes this way. I love music, I love a variety of music. Good music is good music regardless of genre #ThinkAboutIT I rock alot different events and of course I like to compete in Dj battles but I'll talk more about that another day for now just check the site and don't forget to sign up for my mailing list I have some cool things on the way. 

This is my official logo. DJ NuERA  

This is my official logo. DJ NuERA  

Don't mind me, I'm just doing DJ stuff.

Don't mind me, I'm just doing DJ stuff.