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Selector Battle [Recap]

Selector Battle [Recap]

May 3rd 2016 I watched my dreams come to fruition. I organized and hosted the #SelectorDJBattle it was a lot of fun! DJs stepped into the public arena and showcased there skills. Big ups to everyone involved with helping me make this battle a reality. More battles tba in the future. #DJNuERA #DoingDJStuff #Cleveland #MayThe4th #StarWars


 The Judges

DJ Ceven - Follow on IG @Ceven216 When I asked what he was looking for in the competitors routine he said originality, crowd interaction/stage presence and technical ability. I've known Cev for awhile and he's a legit DJ who's been doing it for a long time. Check the vids on his IG the skills speak for themselves so I won't run down the resume.

DJ Chicago - Follow on IG @DJChicago1 more info coming soon!

MFKN RMX - Follow on IG @bangmessiah 

Follow the competitors on Instagram

  • DJ Eso - @DeadPhoneEso
  • DJ TroubleChild -  @DJTroubleChild
  • DJ EzD - @EZisEverything
  • DJ Reg P - @DJRegP
  • Jams Davis - @Jams.Davis
  • San Wav - @San.Wav
  • DJ CooleyHigh - @DJ_CooleyHigh

Battle at the B-Side May 3rd. Prizes tba...


  1. DJ's have a 3-5 minutes to do whatever they want to showcase there skills.

  2. 2 turntables and a rane 62 will be available but if you want to use your own mixer or setup you have to bring it with you.

  3. Be prepared for 2 rounds. That means have TWO 3-5 minute routines prepared.