Live Recording

Live recording @ City & East Club Style HipHop Rap Bangers
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Photo Cred @HiphopCbus


New Mix!!! 15 minutes of flame | Drake - Travis Scott - 2 Chainz - Kodak Black - Yo Gotti - Fetty Wap

DJ NuERA Doing DJ Stuff (Beat Freak)

DJ NuERA Doing DJ Stuff (Beat Freak)

Beat Freak is a event held at Brittanys Record Shop. Producers are invited to play there beats. Mc's, singers, poets and more can hop on the mic if the producer makes it open during there beat set. I had the opportunity to participate. It was a great time with good vibes all around. Learn more about Beat Freak on IG @BeatFreakCLE

It was dope to hear different artist improvise over my production. Its crazy how moments like these come together. I'm glad I had the go-pro running lol. I'm look forward to connecting with these artist and collaborating more in the future.


Lets Dance Vol. 6

Dropped a new mix to test my Go pro Head Gear. I might use this more often ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” I kind of like this angle. 

Columbus 2x2 Festival / DJ Battle

Columbus 2x2 Festival / DJ Battle

The money and trophey!!! Secured the bag ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ‘‘

The money and trophey!!! Secured the bag ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ‘‘

I had the opportunity to head down to Columbus and compete in DJ Battle this past weekend. I win 1st place and $300 cash. Shout out to my homie DJ Eso for rolling withand competing. We were able to take the Top 2 Spots!

We represented for Cleveland and brought home the top 2 spots!!!

We represented for Cleveland and brought home the top 2 spots!!!

There were 6 DJs total in the battle. After round 1 they picked the top 4. After Round 2 they picked the Top 2. The final round decided the winner. Each round the Djshad to perform a 2 min routine. I was able to record the 1st 2 routines but my Go pro died before the final round smh.

Lets Dance

I have a lot fun with these quick mixes. Maybe I should longer ones. I do them for Instagram but maybe I'll do extended version for youtube.

Cuts And Rhymes

I invited the homie Grand Lyrical Audio to spit some rhymes while I cut some records.

Summer Heat

I'm always doing dj stuff. Heres a some heat for you!

June What Up!

I forgot to post in May but I've definitely been working follow me on IG to stay in the loop.


My 6 min Routine that earned me 2nd place in the Cincinnati DMC Regional. I had a blast. I also placed 2nd this year in Chicago DMC Regional. I'm thankful for the opportunity and the platform. I'll keep working until I achieve all of my goals. #DJNuERA #DoingDJStuff

10 min Of Sanctuary

Sanctuary @Touch Every First Saturday. Come enjoy the music you're not used to hearing at other parties and dance all night. I'll be holding down the top floor next month!!

If you been here before, you know how we do.

If you've never been here, be here ... if music is your sanctuary


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Music is a tool

Music is a tool

Music is a tool and with the right tools any skilled technician can get the job done. I can rock any venue given the opportunity even if I don't fit the image. Just because I'm black doesn't mean I can't rock a majority white club. Just because I can rock those clubs doesn't mean I can't rock the new hiphop and rap spots. Don't try and put me in a box I'm a professional, versatile DJ no matter what my skin color makes you think. 


Youtube Vibes

Trip to the finals

Trip to the finals

2-14-18 DJ NuERA won the 1st round of Spinfest 2018 gaining entry to the finals and chance to win a trip to San Diego.